Find the correct breaking technique for your rank.

Please note: All demo links are produced by schools or instructors that are in no way affiliated with Ferkile’s Taekwondo.

If your belt rank is… …then your breaking technique is… See it in action!
White Belt
or Yellow Tip
Step Behind Side Kick Watch a step behind side kick
Yellow Belt Step Behind Back Kick Watch a step behind back kick
Yellow Belt Green Tip Axe Kick Watch an axe kick
Green Belt Ball-of-the-Foot Round House Watch a ball-of-the-foot round house
Green Belt Blue Tip Spin Side Kick
Spin Heel Kick
Watch a spin side kick
Watch a spin heel kick
Blue Belt Jump Front Snap Kick
Crescent Kick
Watch a jump front snap kick
Watch a crescent kick
Blue Belt Red Tip Spin Hook
Jump Back Kick
Watch a spin hook kick
Watch a jump back kick
Red Belt Jump Side Kick
Jump Front Kick
Jump Away Side Kick
Watch a jump side kick
Watch a jump front kick
Red Belt Black Tip Flying Side Kick Watch a flying side kick