Meet Master Ferkile

POSITION: Master, or sabeomnim (사범님, sah’-bum-nim)

Master William Ferkile, a 6th Dan Black Belt, has been practicing Taekwondo since he was 13-years-old. He established Ferkile’s Taekwondo in 1985 and has been teaching students of all ages the disciplines of traditional Taekwondo ever since. He achieved 1st degree black belt in 1979. Master Ferkile fosters an atmosphere of respect and community in his school, and many of his students have grown with him from childhood to adult students. He has awarded more than 60 black belts to well-deserving students, many who stay on with him to help teach classes. His students work hard to advance and are only invited to test for their next belt color when he feels they have mastered all the skills necessary to pass.

You can contact Master Ferkile at or call (727) 512-7371

Honorable Mentions

  • 1992, Published You Hit Like a Girl, Hunting House Publishers
  • 1996, Honored as Man of the Year, World Martial Arts Hall of fame
  • 1994-present, USTU certified referee
  • 1995-2000, Board Member, Kickin’ for Kids (501 C 3 organization, raised money through local martial arts competitions for charity.)
  • 1995-1998, State President, FLMA Florida League of Martial Artists
  • 1996-1998, Vice Chairman, USTU State referees
  • 1998-2000, State Treasurer, USTU Florida
  • 1999, Chairman, USTU Florida State Championship Committee

Competition Record

  • 1993, Medalist Pan American Games
  • 1994, Athlete World Chung do Kwan Championship London, England
  • 1994 May, Placed 2nd in USTU National Championships Board Breaking
  • 1994 March, Placed 1st in USTU State Championship Board Breaking
  • 1995, Placed 1st overall points Board Breaking FLMA State Championship
  • 1995, Placed 1st overall Men Light Weight Sparring Division FLMA State Championship
  • 1993-1995, Medallist USTU Florida State Championships
  • 1996 March, Placed 3rd in USTU State Championship Forms
  • 1996 March, Placed 1st in USTU State Championship Board Breaking